Who can apply?

To be eligible to apply you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be born between February 2000 and August 2002
  2. Hold Sudanese nationality and have lived in Sudan for a minimum of the past three years


Hold Refugee status that is recognized by UNHCR

If you do not meet the eligibility criteria because you are neither a Sudanese national nor a Refugee, please contact us and we will direct you to a different selection process.

How to apply

Download the application form here. Read it carefully, complete all sections and get copies of all the required documents. Your completed application and all supporting documents should be uploaded here by 10 January 2018. Incomplete or late applications will not be accepted. WE DO NOT ACCEPT APPLICATIONS VIA EMAIL.

Application checklist

Your completed application should include:

  1. A completed FORM 1 – STUDENT APPLICATION FORM signed by yourself and parents/guardians.
  2. A completed FORM 2 – SCHOOL HEADMASTER REFERENCE FORM answered and signed by the headmaster of your current school.
  3. A completed FORM 3 – GENERAL REFERENCE FORM answered and signed by someone who knows you very well who is not your parent/guardian or direct family member.
  4. A copy of your Sudanese national identity card and/or passport or a copy of your Refugee status.
  5. A copy of your birth certificate.
  6. Your school grades from the past 3 years signed by the Headmaster.
  7. A copy of your most recent academic report (last semester).

Timeline for selection of scholarship recipients

Due to the high number of applications submitted, we will only contact shortlisted candidates for the interview stage. If you have not received an email from the UWC Sudan Selection Committee by February 20, 2018, this means unfortunately that you have not been selected.

Mid December, 2017                Public Information Event Date/location will be announced here.

January 10, 2018                      Closing day for application

Early February, 2018               Finalists are contacted and invited to the next stage of selection

Mid February, 2018                  Selection Weekend

End of February, 2018             Final Selection, Scholars are contacted

August/September 2018          Scholars travel to the UWC Colleges